WERT company is often involved in the process of radiological characterization, namely in the measurement and declaration of safety-relevant radionuclides in radioactive waste streams arising from the Nuclear Power Plants. Safety-relevant nuclides in the Slovak Republic necessary to be declared are: C-14, Ca-41, Ni-59, Ni-63, Se-79 Sr-90, Mo-93, Zr-93 Nb-94, Tc-99, Pd-107, Sn-126, I-129, Cs-135, Cs-137, Sm-151, Pu-239,240 and Am-241.


WERT company radiochemical laboratories have an approved procedures for sample preparation, dissolution, interference separation and analyte preconcentrations. These procedures allow to analyse a wide range of matrix (effluents, aerosol filters, wipes, resins, sludges, concrete, steel, metal, plastic, tile, soil, fiberglass, textile, linoleum, wood). WERT companys main role in the radiological characterization of waste form is verifying of fullfillment of acceptance criteria for these waste forms. Another role is to provide technical support for development and improvement of radioactive waste treatment proces.

WERT company also provides characterization of waste streams using scaling factors.

Measurement equipment for the determination of alpha, beta, x-ray and gamma activity is used (after proper radiochemical processing) for characterization process of waste streams.


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