WERT company offers a complete service for radiometric and radiochemical determination of an extensive range of samples. WERT company has several laboratories enabling to proceed samples with activity levels ranging from free-release up to high level activity.

WERT company has improved many proprietary radiochemistry methods for the determination o difficult-to-measure radionuclides needed for the activity declaration in waste streams.

Radiochemical Analysis

These methods are aimed for the determination of a wide range of α, β and γ emitting radionuclides in solid and liquid matrices including effluents, aerosol filters, wipes, resins, sludges and a wide range of operational waste and waste decommissioning samples (concrete, steel, metal, plastic, tile, soil, fiberglass, textile, linoleum, wood).

WERT company routinly provides the determination of following radionuclides:

  • Alpha 147Sm, 229Th, 230Th, 233U, 234U, 235U, 236U, 238U, 238Pu, 239,240Pu, 241Am, 242Cm,
    243, 244Cm, Total alpha
  • Beta 3H, 14C, 36Cl, 41Ca 63Ni, 79Se, 90Sr, 93Zr, 99Tc, 107Pd, 147Pm,151Sm, 204Tl, 241Pu, Total beta
  • X-ray 55Fe, 59Ni, 93Mo, 93mNb, 129I
  • Gamma Gamma-ray emitting radionuclides (40-2000 keV)

Radiochemical Analysisradichemical1Radiochemical Analysis